“What is my job about”- Motion Designer


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got interested in design?

Illustrations and design had already taken their place in my life at three years old. I often woke up at four in the morning and drew for hours. As a child, I painted the walls of the house, using many bright colors. My creativity was inspired by animated films, musical films, and puppet theater. I inherited an interest for art and colors from my family, especially from my grandfather who works as a sculptor.

While studying computer science at university, working with colleagues on external and personal projects, I would always take the design side because I found it very interesting. It’s also an important way to connect with with clients visually. After a year and a half of working as a graphic designer, I discovered my passion for animations – a magic tool to give life to static images, and an outlet to express myself visually in animated movements.

What is your role at Spark ?

At Spark I work as a motion designer since June 2021. I am lucky to work with many wonderful and talented people who’ve helped me develop my teamwork and thinking skills. I’m lucky to work in a place that not only inspires, but is very organized and kind, therefore helping me be the same both in my work and in my personal life.

What daily challenges do you face?

Adapting to the brand requirements and using them to convey messages that would help the brand develop and grow can be quite challenging. However, having kind and open people around me has helped me learn everything quite fast.

What inspires you?

Music is one my main sources of inspiration, in my free time I enjoy going to parks with my guitar. Another source of inspiration is traveling, spending time with dear people and discovering Berlin.

What are your tips for being successful in what you do?

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, try, be wrong and learn. Every failure is another step to winning and gets you to a better result than yesterday.
  • Keep trying and work hard if you want to achieve a certain goal. Make small steps every day.
  • Don’t forget to have fun and fill up your creative battery.